Comprehensive PRP Workshop

  • Plastic Surgeon and Senior Cosmetologists as Faculty
  • Mandatory Masks for unvaccinated individuals & COVID-19 Precautions
  • Understanding Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)
  • Learn the growth factors present in platelets and their functions
  • FDA-approved PRP isolation devices, Strengths and Weaknesses of Each
  • How and Why to “Activate” PRP
  • Indications & Treatments of PRP in the medical & Cosmetic literature
  • Patient Assessment & Planning the Treatment
  • Technique and Protocols
  • Contraindications, Aftercare and Skin Products to Avoid
  • Marketing Your New Service
  • Artificial Skin Training
  • Hands-On in Hair Rejuvenation
  • Hands-On in Skin Rejuvenation
  • Hands-On in Wound Healing

Workshop Cost

Price: Rs.12,000/-

Early bird: Rs.9,500/-



9:00am–10:30amReview the elements (growth factors, cytokine proteins, and hematopoietic cell concentrations) associated with platelet-rich-plasma including stem cell markers and mechanism of action.


Clinical validity of PRP, potential uses and patient indications for Aesthetic Applications, Pain Management, Alopecia and sexual enhancement applications.


Overview of PRP preparation methods for single spin, and dual spin methods and the use or non-use of kits as well as setting patient expectations for treatment.

10:45am–12:30pmAesthetic uses for Platelet Rich Plasma injections for aesthetic indications to the aging face, décolleté, hands, and other indications of aging.


Combination treatments using PRP with other aesthetic injectables for aesthetic correction and the use of microneedling for static lines and scarring corrective treatments.


Protocols for Activated PRP Facelift and Activated PRP Treatments using microneedling and platelet poor plasma for further enhancement of the procedure.

The use of PRP in Wound Healing, Under Eyes, Breast Lift & Beard, Moustache Growth.


Pre and Post-Procedure instructions, contraindications for treatment, patient selections and need for additional treatments.


1:30pm–2:45pmThe use of PRP for Alopecia Treatments in Men and Women as well as who may benefit from these treatments.


Sexual Dysfunction indications for PRP in Men and Women (intra-cavernous, vaginal & ovarian injections).


Patient selection criteria, possible relative contraindications, injection techniques, anesthesia options and other tests and screening for patients.


Review all of the injections discussed in the course, safety, dosing charts, and injection techniques for safe administration of the procedures.


Marketing and Setting up PRP Practice in your clinic

3:00pm–6:00pmHands on Practice on Artificial Skin

Supervised Hands-On Session utilizing live patients for the administration of platelet rich plasma.


These are small group breakout sessions where attendees will inject for aesthetic indications and alopecia treatments.


Micro Needling will be demonstrated for use on patients and all attendees will need to demonstrate proficiency in injection techniques as a requirement for certification.


6.00pm – 6.30pmCertification


* – Pl.Note: Each attendee will receive a Course Manual, PowerPoint Slide Deck, Pen drive loaded with articles, studies, business and practice documents (i.e. consent, standardized procedure and protocol policies, purchasing sources and more).